17. June 2024


The ECPP 2024 will be a Green Event

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is at the heart of our conference. We have taken several measures to ensure that this event is as green and sustainable as possible. Here are the key initiatives that underscore our commitment:

Sustainable Materials:

  • Conference Bags: Each attendee will receive a conference bag made from recycled cotton, reflecting our dedication to reducing waste and reusing materials.
  • Pens: The pens provided are made from coffee grounds and recycled plastic (PET), combining innovative use of waste materials with practicality.

Eco-Friendly Hydration

  • Bottles: Attendees will be given stainless steel bottles, designed to last long and keep beverages at the right temperature for up to 12 hours thanks to their double-wall construction.
  • Water: We encourage everyone to refill their bottles with tap water or spring water, significantly reducing plastic waste. Our efforts have already saved 12,000 plastic bottles from being used.


Water Quality in Innsbruck: Innsbruck's water supply is sourced 100% from spring water, renowned for its high quality. This water originates from the Nordkette mountains, where it begins as melted snow or rainfall, filtering through rock layers over several years. This natural filtration process ensures the water is pure and pristine by the time it reaches the Mühlauer Spring, maintaining a temperature of around 5°C.


Sustainable Coffee:

  • Certified Coffee: The coffee served is certified and sourced from sustainable farms, ensuring that it supports environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices.
  • Compostable Cups: To complement our sustainable coffee, we use compostable coffee cups, minimizing the impact on landfills.

General Sustainability Efforts:

  • Green Practices: We choose organic options when available to support eco-friendly agriculture.
  • Program Materials: All printed materials, including the conference program, are made from environmentally friendly paper, supporting responsible forestry practices.

Renewable Energy:

  • Power Supply: Our conference is powered by renewable energy from IKB, which relies on environmentally friendly energy production. For over 100 years, Innsbruck has utilized natural water power for electricity. Today, all IKB power plants produce electricity entirely from natural sources, including IKB’s own hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems, ensuring that our energy use is as green and sustainable as possible.
By implementing these measures, we aim to set a standard for sustainable practices in events and inspire our attendees to continue these practices in their daily lives. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to protect and preserve our environment.