6. July 2023

Cornelia Lucey

Cornelia Lucey

It’s you, it’s me, it’s us – how Positive Leadership can help us shape an even greater world


Have you ever wondered what behaviours a leader needs to develop and demonstrate to bring the best out of themselves and of others? To be their most engaged and effective in leading both wellbeing and performance? And how close are we to this right now in the working world? In this speech, Chartered leadership psychologist and author, Cornelia Lucey, will introduce you to the latest research in Positive Leadership that brings many answers to these questions together. She will introduce the ALIGHT model from her book on Positive Leadership (Lucey & Burke, 2022), and explain how leaders in schools and organisations CAN and ARE using the model to alight their own and their team’s leadership to shape an even greater world.
Leaders all over the world are eager to understand the way that their leadership can be developed to lead to the best outcomes for themselves and their colleagues and community. In psychology we refer to this as how we create optimal functioning. As we constantly work in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, navigating the pressures of this with adaptable leadership within our work systems is an increasing priority. With large scale disengagement at work (Gallup, 2023), increasing levels of stress and burnout (De Neve, J.-E., Kaats, M., & Ward, G.,2023; Deloitte, 2022), offering practical solutions and real-life examples and role models for a better way of leading is an imperative way to shift the dial forward on this. This speech will offer some solutions for you, me, and us in amplifying our leadership with sustainability.

About Cornelia Lucey

Cornelia Lucey, FRSA, CPyschol, is an award-winning, chartered leadership psychologist and consultant delivering transformational and bespoke positive psychology leadership development programmes for large-scale multinationals, charities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and start-ups. Her research specialisms are in wellbeing, resilience, and positive leadership, and she has published in all of these fields. For more information on her work and company Cornelia Lucey Positive Leadership (CLPL), go to www.cornelialucey.com or connect on LinkedIn.


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