30. November 2023

ASPIRE to wellbeing and learning for all – revisioning education

ASPIRE to wellbeing and learning for all - revisioning education


Is Education fit for purpose for the 21st Century?  Are children intrigued by the world around them and keen to learn more? Are they discovering how to be physically and mentally healthy, gaining the understanding and skills involved in positive relationships and collaboration?  Are pupils’ ideas and strengths respected and are they given the opportunity to put these into practice? Are they encouraged to become critical thinkers, evaluate information, value evidence and devise solutions to 21st century challenges?  Are teachers proud of being in a profession where they are facilitators of learning and failure is not an option?
Is this your aspiration for education?   Is it time we stopped tweaking and began transforming what happens in schools every day for every child and young person.  This might be visionary – but it is doable – and ASPIRE provides a valid framework.
ASPIRE is an acronym for the principles of Agency, Safety, Positivity, Inclusion, Respect and Equity. When threaded through everything that happens in a school these principles enhance both wellbeing and learning.  They also promote social justice in that they address education for all – not just those who are academically successful.   The genesis for these principles was a safe, solution-focused, strengths-based and inclusive pedagogy for social and emotional learning (SEL). But over time it has become clear that ASPIRE is also powerfully aligned with optimal child development, healthy relationships and a positive school culture.  They are strongly evidenced in positive psychology literature.
This interactive workshop will address each of the principles, defining what they mean and why they matter and giving examples in practice. Participants will discuss how they are being addressed in their settings/ communities and what needs to happen to build on this.

ASPIRE to Wellbeing and Learning for All:  The principles underpinning positive education will be published in two books for 1) Early Years and Primary 2) Secondary this year (2024) by Routledge.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what these principles mean in education and why they matter.
  • To have ideas of how to put them into practice.
  • To hear about the difference they are making across the world.
  • To share stories and aspirations.

Ideal Audience: Anyone who cares about education and the future of our kids - as a teacher, parent, governor, school leader, psychologist, consultant, or policy maker

About Sue Roffey 

Dr Sue Roffey is a teacher, psychologist, academic, author and speaker.  She is honorary Associate Professor at University College, London and Director of Growing Great Schools Worldwide. She has written over 20 books on issues related to school and student wellbeing and positive psychology.